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Find out more about the history of the Texas Railroad Commission, its role in rate oversight and the Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program in reports from the Atmos Cities Steering Committee. For additional reports about consumer utility issues, check out the websites of our sister organizations, the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power and the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor.


License to Bill: How the Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program Leads to Utility Rate Increases for Texas Consumers

The Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program — GRIP — allows gas utilities to hike rates without meaningful regulatory oversight. Texas gas utilities even use GRIP to hike gas rates during periods when they’re already earning windfalls.  Find out more in this 2018 policy guide from the ACSC.
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INFO CARD: Natural Gas Safety Tips

If you ever detect even a small amount of natural gas odor, get away and contact your natural gas provider. If you don’t know the number, call 9-1-1. These and other natural gas safety tips are included in this fact sheet from the Atmos Cities STeering Committee. Available free for download, feel free to print, distribute and share  regularly with coworkers and family.
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INFO CARD: Gas Utility Safety and Atmos Energy

Natural gas line explosions have killed nine people in north and central Texas from 2006 though 2018 and destroyed more than two dozen homes. These tragedies have renewed the public’s interest in gas safety issues — especially as they pertain to the Mid-Tex Division of Atmos Energy, the North Texas gas utility. This fact sheet, available for download, provides important context and history.
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Natural Gas Consumers & the Texas Railroad Commission: Pocketbook & Policy Issues

Did you know that the Texas Railroad Commission oversees home gas rates? It’s one of the agency’s most important responsibilities. Learn more in this 2010 study from the ACSC.

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