ANNOUNCEMENT: ACSC Releases Two Gas Safety Info Cards, for Download

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Two new gas safety info cards, available for download, can be found on this website’s report page.

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BLOG: Dallas Morning News Releases Atmos Explosion Investigation

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“Time Bomb” is the Dallas Morning News’s ambitious two-part investigation into the Atmos Energy safety record.

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BLOG: Cities, States Help Work Toward Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

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Cities and mayors have emerged as a key force in reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to two new reports.

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BLOG: Gas Leaks, Many Dangerous Identified in Newspaper Report

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More than 3,000 — that’s how many leaks Atmos Mid-Tex discovered in Dallas County during the first half of 2018.

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Blog: Atmos Announces Accelerated Pipe Replacements in 2018

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Atmos Mid-Tex plans to replace 30,000 steel service lines in its service territory, up from 17,000 announced earlier.

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NEW REPORT: Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program Policy Guide

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GRIP has contributed to increased gas utility bills, despite drops in the cost of natural gas.

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BLOG: City Group Urges Reform of Controversial Gas Rate Hike Program

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The program allows Texas gas utilities to hike rates annually, but without any meaningful advance review by regulators.

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BLOG: Utilities Begin Providing Details About Delivering Tax Savings

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The Atmos Cities Steering Committee, a city group, will work to ensure tax savings are included in gas utility rates.

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BLOG: Multi-Billion-Dollar Oncor Sale to Sempra Almost Complete

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Oncor, the state’s largest transmission and distribution utility, is now just a hair’s breadth away from having new owners.

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BLOG: ACSC & Regulators Want Utility Rates to Reflect Tax Savings

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An attorney for the Atmos Cities Steering Committee says utilities shouldn’t over charge ratepayers for taxes.

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