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Greenville Herald News: Atmos offering gas bill relief to those in need.

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BLOG: Analysis Reveals City Representation Leads to Customer Savings

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The analysis suggests that the work of city experts in gas utility rate cases delivered significant savings to their citizens.

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Blog: New Report details Atmos Cities Steering Committee History

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A new report by the ACSC general counsel outlines the history of the organization from its inception decades ago.

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Blog: Major Gas Utilities Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

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Atmos, which serves more than a million customers, has announced a temporary end to customer disconnections. 

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Blog: New Atmos Filings in West Texas shines spotlight on RRM, GRIP

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An adjustment to the utility request to comply with RRM rules reduced that ACSC portion by $500,000.

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Blog: Eleven Energy-Saving Tips for the Pandemic Homebound

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Chances are you spend more time home now than ever, and this means running dishwashers and ovens. Both hog energy.

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BLOG: COVID-19 Info from Texas Municipal League and Others

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The Texas Municipal League and numerous government agencies answers pandemic-related questions online.

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BLOG: PUC Agrees to COVID-19 Moratorium on Disconnections

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The emergency program will be financed by a 33 cent-per-megawatt charge on utility bills, or about 33 cents per month.

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BLOG: Update on COVID-19 Impacts to Energy Consumers and Utilities

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Essential staff at the nation’s power plants may find themselves living on site as the COVID-19 crisis worsens.

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BLOG: Saving Money through Gas Rate Case Involvement by Cities

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Regulators ordered the utility to cut its proposed hike by more than half, in part because cities stood up for their citizens.

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