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E&E News: Texas commissioners scale back gathering line proposal

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86th Texas Legislature: Final Legislative Update for the 2019 Session

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The 2019 Regular Session of the Texas Legislature adjourned sine die on Monday, May 27.

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86th Texas Legislature: Bills Proceed During Session’s Final Days

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By our calculation, lawmakers have filed more than 100 bills that relate to gas or electricity.

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BLOG: Update on Energy Legislation in Texas House and Senate

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If adopted, pending legislation could lead to higher-than-necessary gas utility rates and potentially undermine reliability.

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BLOG: Electricity and Gas Legislation Progresses in Texas House, Senate

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Lawmakers have filed more than 100 energy-related bills. Most will die before making it to the governor, but not all.

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Policy Deep Dive: Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program versus the RRM

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The ACSC compared a decade’s worth of GRIP data to a decade’s worth of RRM data.

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BLOG: 86th Texas Legislature to convene in Austin in January

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Expect lawmakers to file thousands of bills — including more than 100 relating to Texas energy markets and consumers.

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Texas 2018 Mid-Term Election Round-Up: Texas House, Senate & More

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A quick recap of the mid-term election results, including changes in the Texas House and Senate.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: ACSC Releases Two Gas Safety Info Cards, for Download

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Two new gas safety info cards, available for download, can be found on this website’s report page.

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BLOG: Dallas Morning News Releases Atmos Explosion Investigation

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“Time Bomb” is the Dallas Morning News’s ambitious two-part investigation into the Atmos Energy safety record.

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